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We believe in our superior product quality and we provide 5 years warranty on our workmanship. 3 Years warranty for all waterproofing works.


Our team have more than a decade of experiences in renovation & construction. We provide home owners with valuable advices and know how tips so that they do not commit costly mistakes.

Easy Payment

We provide progressive payment scheme made according to stages of completion of the renovation works. You pay a certain percentage for delivery of works and then the final percentage upon completion. If your require a renovation loan, we will provide assistance for your loan application.


Guarantee after sales service support. Delicate support from our friendly interior designer to assist you for your renovation needs.


No gimmicks. No hidden cost. All installation fees are included in the package. Transparent and clear pricing.


Our price might not be the cheapest but our package is definitely affordable and best value for money in term of quality. We do not give you inferior quality product as we believe a decent quality is required to make our product last.

Best Value Renovation Packages. Transparent pricing.

  • HDB Resale Package
  • Complete Makeover
  • 3 Room @$26,888
  • 4 Room @$29,888
  • 5 Room @$32,888
  • Executive @$34,888
  • HDB BTO Package
  • Essential Makeover
  • 2 Room @$13,588
  • 3 Room @$13,888
  • 4 Room @$14,888
  • 5 Room @$15,888
  • Kitchen + 2 Toilet Package
  • Toilet & Kitchen Overhaul
  • 3 Room @$19,888
  • 4 Room @$20,488
  • 5 Room @$20,888
  • Executive @$21,888
  • HIP Kitchen Package
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • 3 Room @$13,888
  • 4 Room @$14,488
  • 5 Room @$14,888
  • Executive @$15,888

What our customers say

I am one of the many satisfied customers who have used Living Art Interior’s services. Their team recognizes the value of extraordinary service, thrives to maintain that, and shows professional concern for the quality of work performed. It was a pleasure to work with them on my new condominium.

The exceptional service that I received from Living Art Interior is beyond compare. Kelvin, my interior designer has a wonderful eye for detail and colour. He was able to take my ideas and transform them into realities. His work is extremely creative, innovative and individualized to reflect my personal style. I recommend Living Art Interior wholeheartedly!

Wonderful people, from design to project management, all went according to my plan and budget. We loved that they listened to our crazy ideas and presented various options to suit our requirement. Living Art Interior team is lovely to work with along the entire journey.

Living Art Interior team helped keep us on track and provided valuable insight when it came to designing our hair salon. From showing us various building materials to brainstorming the various layout, it was a great experience. We look forward to future projects with them again.

Working with Living Art Interior team has been a positive and a pleasure experience. The design team and especially Kelvin went above and beyond their call of duty. We ended up with an homely environment that is beautiful, functional and very unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have found some defects with my new BTO flat and is awaiting HDB assessment and rectification. Can I proceed with my renovation at this stage?

You should wait for the HDB to assess and rectfy the defects before you proceed with your own renovation. This is to prevent dispute arising from more defects being found later and who is responsible for the defects.

Why are there no renovation packages for private condominium listed in your website?

Private properties have various configurations, sizes and design factors that we are unable to cater for a standard renovation package. Our team will have to go for a site visit to give you an accurate quotation. Our renovation package price for private properties will be fair and affordable.

What payment options do I have?

We have a progressive payment scheme that is pegged to the renovation work progress. Payment schedule is given and to be made when certain stage of works are delivered. Our renovation agreement are closely aligned with industry standard like CASE renovation agreement.

I can’t find a suitable renovation package. Do you provide customised package?

If you have a different requirements for your renovation, you can make your own renovation package by telling us your ideas and needs. We will do our best to customise a renovation package that meets your requirements and budget.

I am a new BTO flat owner. Can I remove the bathroom floor and wall tiles provided by HDB in the new flat?

New HDB flats owners are not allowed to remove their bathroom floor and wall tiles provided by HDB to their new flat within three years from the date of completion of the building. This is to prevent ceiling leaks due to the tampering of the waterproofing membrane and to avoid wastage of building materials. However, you may wish to overlay the existing floor tiles in their bathroom with your choice of tiles using adhesive method.

My new HDB apartment come with partition walls. Can I just remove the walls since they are only partition? Can these partition walls withstand the weight of my wall mount cabinet and shelving?

These partition walls installed in some new HDB flats are known as Ferrolite Partition Walls. This is a more eco-friendly partition wall system which functions as a typical partition wall for the bedrooms. These walls consist of 2 concrete panels with a sound insulation core and are connected to the ceiling or beam using steel andle plates. Any renovation that requires removal and hacking of such walls must be approved by HDB. Special considerations on weight limit must be taken during installation of shelves, wall cabinets and other fixtures to these partition walls.

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