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A list of most frequently asked questions on home renovation or interior design. Cannot find your question here? Feel free to contact us here or drop us a call (+65 6266 0898) or a message at (+65 9170 7014).

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I found some defects with my new BTO flat and is waiting for HDB's assessment and rectification. Can and should I proceed with my renovation at this point?

In this situation, you should wait for HDB to finish assessing and rectifying the defects before you proceed with your own renovation. This is to prevent disputes arising from more defects being found during the renovation period and responsibility for these defects be pushed around.

How frequent are we updated on the status of the renovation project and through which channel?

We will update you through the channel you prefer (Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, phone calls). Pictures and videos will be sent to you on a regular basis (every 2 days, weekly or biweekly as per your request) so that you will be updated on the progress of the renovation. New amendments in the contract will be sent to you through email.

What are the available payment options?

We adopt a progressive payment scheme that follows the renovation progress. Payment schedule is provided on the invoice and payment is to be made when certain stage of work is reached. Our renovation agreement is closely aligned with industry standards like the CASE renovation agreement.

Is there any warranty provided?

We are confident in the quality of our workmanship and provide you with a 5 year warranty term. Waterproofing jobs are covered for 3 years. Material warranty is backed by individual manufacturer's terms and conditions.

Why are there no renovation packages for private properties listed in your website?

Due to the different configuration, sizes and design factors in private properties, we are unable to create a standard renovation package for them. Our team will go for a site visit to ensure we provide an accurate quotation to keep the prices fair and affordable.

I can’t find a suitable renovation package. Do you provide customised package?

If you have specific requirements for your renovation, you can let us know and we will customise it to your needs and budget.

I am a new BTO flat owner. Can I remove the bathroom floor and wall tiles provided by HDB in the flat?

New BTO flat owners are not allowed to remove the bathroom floor and wall tiles provided by HDB within 3 years from the date of completion of the flat. This is to prevent ceiling leaks due to the tampering of the waterproofing membrane that may happen during renovation. However, overlaying the existing floor tiles in the bathroom with other tiles is possible.

Can I just remove partition walls that come with my new BTO flat? Can these partition walls withstand the weight of my wall mount cabinet and shelving?

Partition walls installed in new BTO flats are known as Ferrolite Partition Walls. These are a more eco-friendly partition walls that are used typically for bedrooms. They consist of 2 concrete panels with a sound insulation core and are connected to the ceiling or beam with steel andle plates. Removal of these walls need to be approved by HDB. Additionally, the weight limit of the partition walls should be taken note of during installation of shelves, wall cabinets and other fixtures 

What is the time frame for renovation given by HDB? How soon do I need to start the renovation work and what is the frequency of renovation allowed in a flat?

In a new flat, you must complete the approved renovation works within 4 months from the start of the renovation permit. For established HDB blocks, the approved work must be completed within 1 month from the date of the renovation permit. An extension of the renovation period can be requested at the HDB Branch Office. There is no restriction on when the renovation works should start or the frequency of the renovation. 

Is a permit required for HDB flat renovations?

Not all renovation works require the application of a HDB renovation permit - works like knocking down walls and hacking flooring can only commence when a permit has been obtained. The requirement of a permit is on a case by case basis so do check in with us with your plans!

How much does the application of the renovation permit cost?

There is no application fee for the application for a renovation permit. However, some town councils provide haulage and debris removal service for renovation works. These would have to be paid during the application of your renovation permit.

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